Sell Direct,When You Want.

There is no joining fee to start with PlayerPawn!  

The service fee for partners selling on PlayerPawn is a flat 10% for life for players selling at least one item or experience in the first 30 days you are on the network.

 This fee covers:

  1. The use of PlayerPawn software
  2. Private player address not disclosed to buyer
  3. Collection and transfer of sales paid
  4. Credit Card commission
  5. Distribution of invoices to buyers / fans
  6. Returns and Money-back guarantee for fans
  7. Analytics and sales reports, payments and reviews
  8. Easy documentation for proof of any player charitable sales
  9. Full in app branding for your store and social media integration
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start selling bY Summer 2017

The service fee for PlayerPawn will change to 15% for partners who have been newly activated after November 1 2017.

The service fee for PlayerPawn partners who are active before 1 November 2017 will remain unchanged at 10%

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easy payments to players

Payments are made the first week of every month. Shipping is paid for by the fan and fan address if pre-automated for your transfer.

Funds are transferred into the player's bank account (Payments usually only reflect by end of week)

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how much can you make?

That depends on how many moments, items and memorabilia you wish to sell directly and discreetly to your global fans.  

PlayerPawn was designed by players, for players

...and the fans who love them.