Want to trade with fans?

Now you can!  There is no joining fee to start browsing on Membilia!  

There are no hidden fees to what you buy, either.  You own an original!  And with shipping easily integrated you know what you are getting and when you will get it.


What memorabilia used to be.

Hear the story direct and acquire second-hand items or first time experiences directly.

We have no warehouse at Membilia.  

Whether it is a warm up jersey, a cricket helmet, an autographed ball or guitar strap, you are buying direct from the player, anywhere in the world, right from an iPhone or Android device.

Autographed item?  It is up to the influencer - and you will know that up front, too.


You are part of their journey.

First come, first serve

Most personal player items from influencers will sell as a single item and sell quickly.  Don't wait too long once you favorite an item as it may be gone!  Often times a one of a kind experience or items sells in a matter of minutes

You can own what may become a piece of sporting history, straight from the home or venue of the player.


Turning the sports world upside down, to the benefit of players and fans alike.

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We have no factory making memorabilia in glass cases or framed with plaques.  Our warehouse is in the hands of professional athletes, every day, on the road or at home.

Membilia items and experiences come direct from the heart, hands and mind of the players who post on the go.  

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