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Influencer-Direct Items and Experiences


is a mobile-first memorabilia network to trade on trust, from one fan to another. 





Membilia is the most agile and authentic fan experience in memorabilia, traditionally plagued by high costs, questionable authenticity and outdated distribution.  

Membilia is for both fans and influencers.  It's the real deal, the real story, with collectibles technology that will change our definition of "memorabilia"...forever.

Anything you can Imagine

"Membilia unlocks player used items or new fan experiences for every athlete and influencer in every category, across the world."  

- Norby Williamson, ESPN


Membilia turns a verified Twitter handle into a fan direct pawn shop.  In less than 60 seconds influencers activate their own mobile memorabilia store ...and then the magic happens when that one-of-a-kind item shows up via Membilia's exclusive partners UPS and FedEx.


  • Sellers post a special object in their lives or a simple personal item that could be special in the life of a fan

  • Influencers sell and get feedback and develop their own, original memorabilia items or experiences, as a natural flow of their personal and professional lives.

  • Charities can win and help unlock a direct $22B market of memorabilia in Music, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Pop and Military cultures.

  • Fans follow their influencers waiting for a spot-post of something that just became available

  • Fans buy authentic  items and unique memorabilia without the middle man of merchandisers and retailers

  • Fans win and get to access on their smartphones a $22B market of unusual  collectables, personal items and rare experiences of note


Social Good.

We recognized that only 1.5% of the world's influencers have an exclusive memorabilia deal. Let's face it, not influencer is Tom Brady or Lady Gaga. So Membilia is for the rest of us - the 98.5% of influencers in the world who have a story to tell and fans who want to own a piece of memorabilia history.

Membilia is where the story begins...


“The next generation memorabilia is not merchandise, but the story and personal connection that comes with things athletes, actors and singers touch every day.”

— Norby Williamson, ESPN Disney


The next generation of memorabilia, by the influencers, direct to the fans.

Whether you are a marquis player, signer or emerging youtube star, thrill your fans with the personal memorabilia that's actually from you.


Download the Membilia App

Sell your experiences, items or memorabilia for raising charitable dollars to causes.  You can set up charitable items right in the Membilia app.

Tell Your Story

Socialize a new class of Memorabilia

Invite friends and fans to this new network the real deal. There's no better way to share the story than by selling the legacy.

Download the app, start selling today.